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Wellness Program - off site

Adult Program Description

Our “Adult Wellness Program” is designed to help the beginer, intermediate, or advanced adult athlete improve their flexibility, increase strength, develop a stronger core, and enhance overall stamina.   Whether you play sports competitively, are a recreational athlete, or someone who enjoys being active, our “Return to Activity” program will help you improve your fitness level while continuing to strengthen a previous weak link(s) or injured area, and get you back to feeling GREAT again for your activity of choice.

 A benefit of our program, that you will not find elswhere, is the ability for us to bridge the gap and seamlessly transition you from surgery or physical therapy into a fitness workout designed to meet your physical needs and goals safely.  Second benefit is we communicate directly with your therapist or orthopedic doctor to make sure you are on the right track and progression for your recovery timetable.  

 Pre Screening: if coming off an injury or being released from Physical Therapy each client will be required to meet with a certified trainer to undergo a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess movement quality prior to participation of a program.  The results of the screening will be used to individualize their program, give them physical exercise homework if needed.

 Program Highlights:

  • Self Massage & Flexibility - methods to restore and maintain healthy function of soft-tissue.
  • Corrective Exercises - isolated and integrated methods to improve static and dynamic posture of muscles and the bodies kintetic chain.
  • Strength Training- functional progressions for upper, lower body and core.
  • Conditioning - progressive and systematic approach to improve work capacity.

2014 Spring Program Dates

Dates:                     March 17th to June 14th 2012 (12 week session)                                       

Days:                      Wednesday / Friday           Time: 6-7pm (W), 5-6pm (F)

                                Tuesday / Thursday           Time: 6-7am

                                Saturday                            Time:     7-8am

Cost: $480 (24 sessions)

Class size: 4 Participants per group

 To register contact or more information call (603)889-0177 or