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Youth Athletic Development

Youth Athletic Development

The Youth Athletic Development program is designed to help teach athletes strategies to improve their movement aptitude. Our systematic approach to teaching athletes will help develop the skills needed to improve overall athletic ability.聽聽 We take a multi-lateral and long-term approach to athletic development (LTAD).聽 Our sessions will not only focus on improving young athletes skill sets by teaching them the biomotor skills necessary be successful with their athletics but will also focus on a positive coaching strategies and improved self-efficacy.

Physical Concepts:

  • Linear/Lateral Acceleration
  • Linear/Lateral Deceleration
  • Change of Direction (cutting)
  • Coordinative Abilities (balance, rhythm, spatial awareness, visual & acoustical reaction)
  • Injury Prevention鈥 ankle, knee, hip, shoulder
  • Core Stability鈥 providing a stable foundation to the bodies center of gravity

Pedigogy Concepts:

Developing young athletes is an art form and is based on one's ability to coach.聽 Our instructors are taught methods that promote learning by properly 鈥渓ayering鈥 skills empowering athletes to understand the sequencing of perceiving, deciding, and acting more intelligently come game play.

Youth Athletic Development Programs

ProgramLocationDatesTime SlotsPrice

Fall 2020

Youth Athletic Development - (1 Day - Tuesday) Details
4 athletes only
TOP Fitness Sep 8 to Nov 17, 2020Tu: 5:00pm
Youth Athletic Development (1 Day - Thursday) Details
4 athletes only
TOP Fitness Sep 10 to Nov 19, 2020Th: 5:00pm